Bartonair - a family business for 20 years

Meet John Barton, owner and principal operator at Bartonair. John has been installing heating and cooling systems for 25 years and geothermal for 10 years.

How it all began . . .

10 years ago, John had a customer in Carp with an inoperative heat pump. Because of the limitations of the servicing company she was using, she called around and found Bartonair was willing to take a look. After John repaired the system, she informed him that she saves $1500 per year on hydro costs with the heat pump. John was astounded by the savings and was convinced that there would be a good business in geothermal with rising fuel prices. There was no turning back for John. Today he installs exclusively geothermal systems for both commercial and residential systems.

John's wife Christina works by his side and assists when an extra pair of hands is needed.